Drummer Blog: Brutai’s Mathieu Bauer

Brutai’s Mathieu Bauer

Hello world! Mathieu Bauer here, of the band Brutai. I am French and twenty-two years old, but most of all I am a drummer.

A little about myself—the tale begins when I was five years old learning classical percussion in Paris. Starting with only a snare drum gave me the chance to focus on just one element of the kit. Although I was very young, I was very curious about it, always meticulous about my technique, dynamic, timing, and sound. I feel if I had started with a full standard drumkit, I may have had too many options ahead of me so I may not have known where to start. Then a few years later came the xylophone, marimba, timbale, and other fancy stuff, which opened me up to the melodic side. At the age of eight, I moved to Toulouse where I started to play and study the drums.

Having finished studying at nineteen, I was bored of being told what to play and decided a change of approach towards furthering my playing ability. I started watching a lot of drummers play, only taking what I loved in their playing by trying to memorize what they played sound wise or motion wise. I would take in the essence of the idea in the form of a pattern (like a computer putting everything into binary code). Then once I had the pure idea, I’d interpret it into my own playing style as naturally as possible without trying to reproduce exactly what I’d heard. Instead, I allowed my brain, and more so my heart, to do the job. From this process it has allowed me to transcend my drumming ability and knowledge to where I am today.

Just to give you guys an idea of influences on my drumming, I’ll name a few—Mark Guiliana, Eric Harland, Chris Coleman, Ramon Sampson, Nick Smith, Ilan Rubin, Abe Cunningham, and Joey Kramer. I don’t have a particular favorite drummer as I’m always moving from one to another. Advertisement


Today I’m able to share my passion for music with you guys, in my first video play-through of a song called “Relapse” from my band Brutai. We have played the likes of Bloodstock, Euroblast, and have supported the likes of Monuments, As Lions, Centiment, and more. What I am trying to express with this video is the live aspect of my playing. I like to be tight and precise and at the same time keep it raw and natural. If I had to describe my playing in one word, it would be energy. I chose to rerecord the drums for the whole song in order to give a live and authentic experience of my playing.


Thanks to you guys, the crowd, the public, the listeners, for your spirit, your insight, and for keeping us on the road. Should you have any questions feel free to contact me via Facebook


Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the “Relapse” play-through video.


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