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Showroom: Zildjian Expands the fx Line With Five New Offerings

Showroom: Zildjian Expands the fx Line With Five New Offerings

Zildjian’s fx 10″ and 12″ Spiral Stackers are paper-thin in weight and provide an inexpensive entry into trashy cymbal stacking sounds.

Zildjian product manager Tony Lapsansky explains, “You can stack them on anything, from splashes to Chinas to crashes, or Gen 16 cymbals, or even broken cymbals. The fx Spiral Stackers offer a versatile and economical solution for drummers who want to get into stacking cymbals.”

The 10″ fx Spiral Stacker lists for $162 and the 12″ lists for $180.

The new 8″ and 10″ fx Oriental China Trash cymbals are thin weight mini-China cymbals that can be used alone or stacked with other cymbals. Made from Zildjian b20 alloy, both models feature a quick response and decay and list for $185 and $206.

The new 7.5″ Volcano Cup Zil-Bel offers a new mid-tone option. Crafted from Zildjian b20 alloy, it delivers a cutting sound and features Zildjian’s proprietary Volcano cup, an inverted bell, which offers a unique set of tonal colors. List price is $218.

For additional information, visit www.zildjian.com.


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