Showroom: Vater Marching Double Quiver Stick Holder, New Player’s Design Models, and Buzz Kill Dampeners

Vater’s Marching Double Quiver attaches to snare drums with adjustable hook-and-loop straps. Made from tough nylon, the Quiver provides easy access for quick stick changes. It is also ideal for use on traditional drumsets. List price is $17.99.

New Vater drumsticks in the unvarnished Nude series include the 3A, which measures .590″x16″, and the 1A, which measures .590″x16.75″. Each lists for $15.29.

In the artist stick lineup, Vater added a Tim Alexander model, which has a 2B grip and measure .635″x16″. Made from sugar maple for a lighter weight to move around the drums quickly, this stick also features a small round tip for articulate cymbal definition. List price is $17.29.

Josh Devine’s drumsticks have the diameter of a 5B but with an extra .75″ in length. This solid-feeling stick is said to pack a punch around the drumkit. The Devine model measures .605″x16.75″ and lists for $17.29. Advertisement

The Buzz Kill and Buzz Kill Extra Dry are sound dampeners for drums and cymbals. Buzz Kill lists for $14.95, and Buzz Kill Extra Dry lists for $15.95.


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