Showroom: Roland RT-30 Series Acoustic Drum Triggers

Roland’s RT-30 series gives drummers a solution for using acoustic drums as triggers for a hybrid setup without incorporating additional pads. With quick, simple mounting on kick, snare, and tom drums, RT-30 triggers connect to devices, such as Roland’s TM-2 Trigger Module, TD-series V-Drums sound modules, and SPD-series percussion pads.

Three different models are included in the RT-30 series. The RT-30H is a single-trigger device that provides drumhead-based triggering for most standard drums. The dual-trigger RT-30HR offers independent head and rim triggering, allowing the user to play two different sounds from the same drum and the RT-30K is designed for use with bass drums.

Both the RT-30H and RT-30HR are 10mm lower in profile than the previous generation of Roland drum triggers. The RT-30H and RT-30HR can be stably mounted on nearly any metal drum hoop.

Developed specifically for use on bass drum, the RT-30K provides fast and accurate triggering in a low-profile unit and features a new protective mount that prevents marring a wood bass drum hoop while still delivering tight and secure installation. Advertisement


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