Big Bang Distribution at NAMM 2015 (VIDEO)

In this video from NAMM 2015, Big Bang Distribution president, Bob Kasha, walks us through several of the new products available from the company in 2015.

Among the new items from Big Bang this year is the Switch Kick bass drum beater that offers quick and easy changes of multiple beater heads, surfaces, types, and heights, all with a simple twist. Next is the new Mach I bass drum pedal that comes with a quick-torque cam, available in single and double configurations.

Several new models of cymbals have been added to the Kasza line, including new effects cymbals. They are all said to be professional sounding and at about one-half the price of other brands.

For its Ahead Armor Cases, Big Bang has turned its focus to marching cases for 2015, making several line additions and upgrades. For its marching snare case, Ahead added an additional pillow to the bottom with cutouts for the throw-off, “Shark Gill” handles, and backpack straps. The company also now has a bass drum case for every size, and five cymbal cases are now available. Upgrades to the cymbal case include high-impact lining, including high-grade fleece, rolling dolly system, and optional backpack and non-backpack versions.

Ahead has gone all out for marching drummers this year, with new practice pads for snare drummers, tenor players, and bass drummers that replicate the individual instruments, from the small clamp-on snare pad to tenor pads with S-Hoops, sound chambers for the sweet spots, and optional laminate tops. The bass drum pad features mesh heads that can be loosened and tightened to replicate the feel of the different sized bass drums and a hot spot to ensure you’re strike at the right spot on the drum. Advertisement

Big Bang is also distributing the Bass Plate bass drum pedal dock, which elevates the bass drum 1″ and allows lateral positioning of the bass drum pedal; a new rubber beater batter pad from Slug; Cympad washers in multiple colors; the PinchClip wingnut replacement; Earasers earplugs; Metrophones with bluetooth; Finhol kick box and auto stomp player; DG Cajons; and much more.

Later in the video, Rhett Hendrix of Hendrix Drums jumps in now to tell us about his drums, which feature stave-construction shells in leopardwood, walnut, and bubinga. The Archetype Series drums have .5″-thick reinforcement rings for strength and .25″-thick shells. The thinner shells are said to widen the tuning range and give the drums more depth.

The NAMM Show 2015, a trade-only event for the music products industry, was held January 22-25  in Anaheim, California at the Anaheim Convention Center. For information on NAMM 2015 visit the official NAMM website here. For more on Big Bang Distribution visit their website here. Advertisement

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