News: KHS America Announces Acquisition of Hohner Inc. USA

KHSNews: KHS America Announces Acquisition of Hohner Inc. USA

KHS America, Inc. has announced plans to acquire Hohner Inc. from Matth. Hohner GmbH in Trossingen, Germany. Hohner, Inc. is the exclusive North American provider of Sonor drums. Transfer of ownership will take place on January 12, 2015.

For over 150 years it has been Hohner’s declared mission to “bring the joy of music making to people all over the world, to provide them with the best possible instruments so that they can discover their own musical creativity, and experience the emotional and communicative power of music.” As legacy brands, Hohner and Sonor have long been recognized as leaders in innovation and quality.

By integrating the iconic Sonor name with other brands such as Mapex drums, Majestic concert percussion, and Hercules stands, KHS America will be positioned to provide an even wider portfolio of drums and accessories. Advertisement

“We’re very excited about the opportunities this acquisition creates for KHS and Hohner brands,” said Tabor Stamper, president of KHS America. “Both the collections of brands and the teams that manage them complement each other in almost every way. Although it will take time to fully integrate the two companies, we look forward to this process, and we’re extremely confident that the combined brand strengths and team talents will result in continued growth and enhanced business value for our retail partners.”

“We at Hohner are equally excited about this opportunity for both our companies,” said Clay Edwards, president of Hohner, Inc. “Together, we can do more for our dealers and consumers, as well as the advocacy and growth of music education, than either of us could have done alone.”


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