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Toontrack Releases “Made of Metal EZX,??? an EZdrummer 2 Expansion by Producer Colin Richardson

Toontrack Releases “Made of Metal EZX,” an EZdrummer 2 Expansion by Producer Colin Richardson

“Made of Metal EZX,” a new EZdrummer 2 sound expansion library by noted metal producer Colin Richardson (Slipknot, Machine Head, Carcass), was recorded in Belgium’s Galaxy Studios’ wood-lined, hall-like room to bring out the deep, reverberant presence of the toms, the crisp textures of the cymbals, and the piercing attack of the snares and kicks.

Sampled by Jason Bowld (Axewond, Pitchshifter), this expansion library features four full kits (DW, Mapex, Tama, Truth), an extra snare, an assortment of cymbals, five mix-ready kit presets, and a selection of MIDI drum grooves.


Read more, watch videos, and listen to audio demos at www.toontrack.com.


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