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Showroom: New Kits From Tama

Tama’s Silverstar four-piece Jazz birch kits

Blending the clear, precise cut of birch with the deep, subsonic low-end of bubinga, Tama’s limited edition Starclassic Performer kits demonstrate the versatility of the B/B approach. The limited 24″ bass drum four-piece Rock kit is a classic one-up/two-down setup. The Starclassic Performer B/B Exotix Quilted is offered in four and five-piece kits, and the Starclassic Performer B/B EFX 20″ bass drum Jazz kit utilizes the sensitivity and definition of B/B, whether played loud or soft.

Tama’s Silverstar four-piece Jazz birch kits feature a natural EQ that’s a benefit in the studio and is also ideal for lower volume, small-space live situations. This smaller footprint version of the Silverstar is said to exhibit warmth of tone and plenty of punch.

Tama’s limited edition Starclassic Performer kitImperialstar double bass Hard Rock kit

Imperialstar double bass Hard Rock kits are seven-piece sets designed to deliver the heavy sounds of hard rock and all forms aggressive and progressive music. Imperialstars are offered with hardware and cymbal packs at a budget-friendly price.


For more information, visit www.tama.com.


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