Drummer Blog: This Legend’s Longineu Parsons III on Preparing and Playing Live

Drummer Longineu Parsons III from This Legend

Drummer Longineu Parsons III and This Legend. Photo by Chris Parsons.


Hi, MD friends, I am Longineu Parsons III, the former Yellowcard drummer. I recently formed a brand new band, This Legend.

Playing drums has always been a huge part of my life. I started at the age of two and played my first show when I was five years old. One thing that has never changed is how I get ready for shows. I always warm up and mentally get myself ready for what is about to come. I warm up with a challenge. I find my weakness and strengthen it through repetition.

I warm up every part of my body for an hour before I play by doing yoga. That includes my fingers, wrists, arms, legs, feet, ankles, back, and my core. When I am done, I pick up the sticks and begin swinging them around. I put my iPod on and play songs from my favorite bands and practice to them.

Then it’s time to get my gear ready. I think it’s very important that you are comfortable with your drumkit. I always sit behind it and make sure everything is right where I need it placed. Positioning is very important to how you attack the drums during live performances. I check the tuning of every drum and also make sure my heights are all perfect for me to rock out on. Advertisement

Once I get on stage, I give 150% and always try to be the best musician I can be. I always try to improve my playing by hearing any small mistakes, learning from them, and perfecting my overall hits.

I love making my drumming fun for everyone and have always been a showman. I love putting on my own show behind the drums. It’s like I am telling a story every night. It’s the best feeling in the world to look out and see a smile on someone’s face because of what you are playing. Being able to influence others is a privilege, a gift, and should always be cherished.

One thing I have learned is to play from the heart and soul. “Blood, sweat, and tears” has been my saying since the first time I sat behind the drums and played. Never give up and always try to conquer your weakness. Never get discouraged. You will never stop learning and improving your flaws.

Recording the new This Legend record was an amazing experience. These are the best drum tracks I have ever recorded. I have taken the drums through a musical journey. I have created beats and drum fills that are unique and guide the music in directions that have all elements heard and understood. Advertisement

One of the things I love about touring/playing shows is that you get to watch other drummers and learn from them. I am excited for the legendary punk band Lagwagon because I get to watch Dave Raun play every night. He has influenced me a lot with what I have done in the band Yellowcard and what I am doing now with This Legend. Remember, watching and listening is learning, too!


For more on the band, visit and to listen to “Lyrics With My Pen” and “Life Pushes Hard” below.