Diamondback Drumsticks Combine Laser-Engraved Handles With Premium-Grade Hickory Sticks

Bringing modern technology to the classic drumstick design, Diamondback offers the quality and consistency of premium American-made hickory drumsticks plus a textured grip. The laser-engraved handle is said to be less abrasive than a conventional, knurled finish yet safer and more reliable than grip tapes and dips. Diamondback’s proprietary process is said to not noticeably alter the sticks’ weight or balance.

“With our sticks you have significantly more hand-to-stick contact than with a smooth stick yet you still feel the wood,” says Diamondback co-founder Stephan Cohen. “More comfort and control with less worry and fatigue makes any drummer a better drummer.”

Available in 5A, 5AXL, 5B, 5BXL, and 2B wood-tip models, Diamondback Drumsticks list for $9.99 per pair.


To learn more, visit www.diamondbackdrumsticks.com.