VIDEO! The Kick Hiccup: Boost Your Groove With Quick Bass Drum Doubles (From the November 2014 Issue)

November 2014


The Kick Hiccup

Boost Your Groove With Quick Bass Drum Doubles

by Rich Redmond

Drummers all over the world have been hip to the kick hiccup for years. First popularized by Carmine Appice with Vanilla Fudge and John Bonham with Led Zeppelin, this tricky foot technique, which sounds like a stuttering double on a single bass drum, is now considered a rite of passage for most rock drummers. The key to executing this quick, attention-grabbing sound is to play it clean and open. Strive for accuracy and articulation.

It’s crucial to know just the right place to insert the fi gure in your grooves. Remember, we should always strive to be musical drummers so that singers, bass players, guitarists, and keyboardists will want to work with us. I like dropping this little gem in spots where there’s a break between vocal parts, or I’ll throw it in to help boost a rhythmic phrase. Bonham was the master of knowing when to play the hiccups for maximum effect….


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