Yamaha DBR Series and CBR Loudspeakers Offer Power and Portability


Yamaha introduces two new additions to its portable loudspeaker lineup, the powered DBR series and the passive CBR series. The DBR series, the follow-up to the DSR and DXR series, represents the most portable powered loudspeakers that Yamaha offers. Three new models, DBR10, DBR12 and DBR15, feature state-of-the-art DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology inherited from their predecessors, ensuring superior performance and versatility, along with safe, consistent operation. Yamaha’s FIR-X tuning uses linear phase FIR filters for the crossover, achieving more accurate and smooth response for clarity and imaging. D-CONTOUR dynamic multi-band processing applies optimized settings for either front-of-house or floor monitoring applications.

The DBR’s Class-D amplifiers deliver up to 1,000W of power, achieving a maximum SPL of up to 132 dB. Yamaha technicians selected the transducers and then customized them to match the amplifier’s properties to deliver high output power with minimal distortion. The new lineup also features Yamaha’s wide dispersion constant-directivity horn that evenly projects the DBR’s deep bass, clear midrange, and accurate high frequencies to the outer-most edges of a broad coverage area. Advertisement

The DBR series’ design provides a rugged, compact, and lightweight plastic enclosure fitted with a sleek steel grille and ergonomic handles for easy transportation and setup. The DBR also features an optimized fifty-degree wedge angle for floor monitoring use, while the symmetrical cabinet shape of the DBR12 and DBR15 allows them to be placed in a “mirror-mode” configuration. All models come equipped with rigging points compatible with optional speaker brackets and eyebolts for installed applications.

Each DBR model also includes an easy-to-use two-channel onboard mixer. A combo jack on CH1 accepts both XLR and TRS phone, allowing for either mic or line level inputs. The CH2 includes RCA pin jacks for input from CD players or stereo line-level sources. The mixer offers the ability to select either CH1+2 MIX, or CH1 THRU to pass the signal from CH1 only.

The CBR series is said to deliver high-quality sound with impressive power, while offering portability. The CBR10, CBR12, and CBR15 are lighter than their DBR counterparts and do not require power cables, allowing them to adapt to both portable and rigged applications. The CBR includes the same enclosure design as the DBR series and comes equipped with one speakON jack and a 1/4″ phone jack, enabling easy connectivity. CBR series is tuned by precise, in-depth analysis and adjustment of an internal passive network that results in high-definition, low distortion sound, even at high output levels when used in combination with an external power amplifier. Additionally, the protection circuit limits excessive input to the HF driver to reduce the risk of the damage. Advertisement

“With the introduction of the DBR series, the intelligent DSP technologies developed for our acclaimed DSR and DXR Series are now finally available in our most portable powered loudspeakers, setting a new bar for great sound in an affordable package,” said Nithin Cherian, marketing manager, Live Sound, Yamaha Corporation of America. “The CBR Series models are an impressive addition to our passive speaker lineup, offering sound solutions for a wider range of customers who are seeking high-powered, clearly defined sound in a portable, flexible design.”

The new DBR series are shipping now and the CBR series will ship in December.


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