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Showroom: “Select a Head??? Licensed Drumhead Displays

Select a Head drumhead displays have garnered the attention of internationally touring rock and metal bands, including Korn, Queensryche, and Styper. Available signed (when available) or unsigned, the displays are 23″ wide, 5″ deep, and weigh 8 pounds. The displays comprise a 22″ 4-ply drum shell wrapped in black PVC for durability, black die-cast metal hoops, chrome lugs, and claws with rubber gaskets to help prevent scratching. The images are printed on 3M vinyl and have a 3M matte laminate that resists peeling and provides color and UV protection.

“This is one of the ultimate souvenirs that you could own by your favorite band,” says Korn’s Ray Luzier. “It looks so badass hangin’ in my studio, like a kick drum’s literally busting out of the wall.”


For more information, visit www.SelectaHead.com.


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