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Sabian Clinics for September, October, November 2014

Sabian drum clinics

2014 September
Sept 6th Rich Redmond 2112 Percussion, Raleigh, NC Steve 919.833.0046
Sept 13th Brian West HEB Drumline, Hurst, TX Ben 817.683.0179
Sept 15th Will Calhoun Wizdom Shed, Clinton, NY Scott 315.794.5337
Sept 17th T. Adam Blackstock Thompson High School, Alabaster, AL Sean
Sept 26th-28th Bernard Purdie Regina Drum Festival, Regina, SK Jayson 306.529.3589
Sept 26th-28th Tom Brechtlein Regina Drum Festival, Regina, SK
Sept 26th-28th Herman Matthews Regina Drum Festival, Regina, SK
Sept 26th-28th Dafnis Prieto Regina Drum Festival, Regina, SK
Sept 26th-28th Jayson Brinkworth Regina Drum Festival, Regina, SK
Sept 27th Brian Nozny N. Florida Day of Perc, Pensacola, FL Terry 850.293.5369
Sept 30th Adrian Bent Just Drums, North York, ON Dave 416.226.1211
2014 October
October 2nd Jojo Mayer The Collective, New York, NY Tony 212.741.0091
October 4th Joey Heredia The Collective, New York, NY Tony 212.741.0091
October 6th – 7th Aaron Hines Roosevelt High School, Wyandotte, MI Mark 734.642.8583
October 10th Colin Hill Clemson Univ, Clemson, SC Paul 864.650.2187
October 18th Gregg Potter Hollywood Drum Show, Hollywood, CA
October 18th Alex Acuna Cal State Univ. East Bay, Hayward, CA Alan 510.388.1951
October 20th Andrew Beall Colorado State Univ, Ft. Collins, CO Eric 970.491.4054
October 30th John Favicchia Sam Ash, Springfield Twp., NJ 973.376.5161
2014 November
November 1st John Favicchia Musicology Perf Center, Smithtown, NY John 631.352.5535
November 2nd John Favicchia NY School of Music, Walden, NY Donna 845.778.7594
November 3rd John Favicchia Sam Ash Music, Huntington Station, NY 631.421.9333
2014 September
Sept 23rd-28th Zoro Italy PAS, Montesilvano, Italy
Sept 27th George Kollias Salzhaus Winterthur, Switzerland
Sept 27th Mylious Johnson Salzhaus Winterthur, Switzerland
Sept 27th Claus Hessler Salzhaus Winterthur, Switzerland
Sept 27th Alain Ackerman Salzhaus Winterthur, Switzerland
2014 October
October 17th Gene Hoglan Intl Drum Fest., Opole, Poland

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