New Cymbals From Dream

Dream is now offering 8″ splashes in the warm Bliss series, the brighter Contact, and the powerful Energy. These small cymbals feature tapered lathing with thin edges for a fast attack and quick decay. List price is $50.

Also new is the 17″ Energy crash, which is said to be responsive, fast, and bright. The bell is left unlathed for more power at high volume levels. List price is $142. The Gorilla ride is a new addition to the Bliss series. This heavy cymbal is said to be powerful and articulate and features a 5″ bell. List price is $304.

The new Ignition Series are said to be hand-hammered from cast-bronze discs. A three-piece pre-pack includes 14″ hi-hats, a 16″ crash, a 20″ ride, and a 22″ bag. The sound of this line is meant to be a hybrid of the Bliss and Contact families. List price is $359 for the pack. Advertisement


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