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Yamaha Offers Live-Sound Solutions for Electronic Drummers

Drummers face many challenges when it comes to amplifying electronic drums, and in the case of hybrid kits it’s important to have the electronic components match the audio quality and volume of the acoustic drums to create a cohesive, integrated instrument. It’s also important that drummers choose audio components that can handle the wide frequency and dynamic range of electronic drum sounds. Yamaha’s DTX Live Sound Solutions takes the guesswork out of what drummers require for these situations by providing simple setups with professional sound.

DTX Live Sound Solutions feature drummer-designed setups for rehearsal and stage monitoring in both stereo and mono configurations, featuring Yamaha DXR speakers and DXS subwoofers along with the award-winning STAGEPAS 400i and STAGEPAS 600i portable PA systems.


For more information, please go to http://4wrd.it/yamahadtx.


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