Percussionist Melanie Howe


What’s going on, Modern Drummer readers? I’m stoked to be supplying my first official blog for you. Those of you not familiar with me, I’m a hand drummer and percussionist based in Tennessee.

I play with several bands and duos in a variety of genres and have the opportunity to travel all over the United States doing what I love. I studied percussion at the University of Tennessee and have gone on to work with two incredible congueros: Giovanni Hidalgo and Daniel de los Reyes. One of my absolute favorite things to do is learn, so I know I am very blessed to be working with either of these men. They are the kind of drummers who you can’t help but learn from when you are around them.

What can you expect when reading my blog? I will be talking a lot about my travel, new techniques and rhythms I am working on, the interesting individuals in my life, and what it is like as an independent female artist playing percussion. I have just recently come off tour with my acoustic duo act Howe Jellis. Although I have played with Jason (the guitar player and lead singer) for many years, this was our first tour together, and it went great. I’m extremely proud of his hard work and am looking forward to exploring a larger tour. I will say this though, playing Southwest Florida can get very hot in the summer (especially when you play with the energy I do), but the view and amazingly dedicated fans make it all worth it! Advertisement

While on this tour, I also had the opportunity to pick up a full-band show with another touring act. This band has an incredible drummer, Larry Dunsmore. Any chance I have to play percussion with him behind the drumset—I’m all over it. In the near future, I will be sharing some videos of us working together for any of you interested in watching and listening.

So, what’s coming up? I’ll be traveling to Seattle to play a “Parrothead” festival for five days, then a few close to home shows, then back on the road for a small Southeast US tour with my duo acoustic act MelaGrass.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read, and I can’t wait to update all of you at Modern Drummer again soon. I truly appreciate the opportunity to write this blog. I want to give a very special thanks to my sponsors for their ongoing support. Thank you Vater drumsticks, Living Like a Pirate clothing, and Belleza. Advertisement


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