Beats Cycling is a diverse set of royalty-free drum samples, featuring the unique sounds of the Puncture and Studio kits, that draws inspiration from classic break beats and includes modern grooves with ambient and close-miked sounds. Each sample is processed with an all-analog signal path that includes classic EQ and compression. The Beats Cycling sample pack comes with 1.7 gigabytes of high-quality loops played from 90 to 175 bpm, dozens of fills, and 751 multi-velocity one-shot samples of the various components of the two kits.

Designed by David Osborne, the Puncture Kit comprises a single-speed custom bicycle with two 10″ snare drums, a 6″ snare, a 10″ kick drum, an 8″ tom, 12″ and 16″ cymbals, and 10″ and 12″ hi-hats. The Custom Studio Kit features 10″ and 14″ snares, a 22″ kick drum, a 10″ tom, an 18″ crash-ride, and a 21″ ride cymbal. Each kit also includes miscellaneous percussion.


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