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Omar Hakim Video “Walk the Walk??? Drum Part Demonstration

“My idea was to make a solo that a little kid could play,” says Omar Hakim about his approach to the track “Walk the Walk” from his new solo album, We Are One. “When I was a kid there were a few drum solos on pop records that kids would learn…like “Wipe Out” or “Frankenstein” by Edgar Winter…iconic drum solos that everybody could sort of play.” Beginners might not be able to tackle “Walk the Walk” right off the bat, but check out Omar soloing the track’s drum part here; with repeated listens, you should be able to get pretty close. And Omar helps out by slowing down the beat so that his sticking can be analyzed much easier. From there, though, you’re on your own. After all, that’s why they call it practice!


To read all about “Walk the Walk” and much more with Omar, get your copy of the July issue of Modern Drummer magazine.


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