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New Sticks, Marching Mallets, and Pads From Ahead!

Ahead’s new signature stick models include the 16.25″ Phil Rudd (AC/DC) Super 5A, the 16″ Lucky Lehrer Speed Stick, and the 17″ Carlos Figeroa. The drumsticks feature ergonomically tuned handle diameters and a precision alloy core for negligible weight and balance variations.

Chavez Arsenal 1 bass drum mallets are available in 1.25″x14.25″, 1.5″x14.5″, 1.75″x14.5″, 2″x14.75″, 2.25″x14.75″, and 2.5″x15″. The white powder-coated Chavez Arsenal tenor mallet measures 14.5″ and weighs 82 grams. The white powder-coated Chavez Arsenal 2 tenor stick is 15.625″ long and weighs 80 grams.

Ahead also introduced three practice pads with stands. The three-zone pad features 3″ Moongel, and hard- and soft-rubber surfaces. The S-hoop Corp pad is black on black with a replaceable carbon-fiber head and snare sound. The Chavez S-Hoop Tone Chamber pad has replaceable carbon-fiber head, and is available in black on black, blue, or white.


For more info, visit bigbangdist.com.



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