Kevin Shane Cogen of Galvanized Souls

Drummer Kevin Shane Cogen of Galvanized Souls

Hello there Modern Drummers. My name is Kevin Shane Cogen, and I have been drumming for six years. Granted, most of you have never heard of me, but I think you’ll find I have a similar story to most drummers—I do it because I can’t not.

I play with an up-and-coming Southern California band called Galvanized Souls. We’re a modern grunge-rock band that aims to resurrect and expand the definition of grunge music. As the oldest of a group (our ages range between fifteen and nineteen), I take my drumming and partnership in this band very seriously.

Before becoming a drummer, I did a bit of acting work and one day found myself on the set of a Gym Class Heroes music video. There was a drumset that I started messing around on between takes, and someone told me I actually had some natural talent. This was the moment that launched me into music and drums. Advertisement

While I know how to play other instruments, like the guitar and piano, I’ve always preferred the drums. The drums are second nature to me; I feel like I belong behind the kit. When I drum, I find a voice. I feel as if I can inject energy into others by playing my hardest, which is something similar I see in my main influences—Dave Grohl, John Bonham, Peter Criss, Robert Ortiz, and Jeremy Bryan.

I currently play on my dream drumset, which is a five-piece DW Collector’s series drumset with DW hardware and Zildjian K Custom cymbals. I am very specific on my drumstick choice. I love playing Vic Firths and usually prefer the Shogun 5B.

Galvanized Souls is notorious for using modified instruments for not only recordings, but for live shows as well. We play on all sorts of modified equipment, ranging from Frankensteined guitars to modified floor toms. A floor tom is played by our lead singer, Zakk Silveira, at the end of every show for our epic song “Shut You Down,” which is featured on our latest self-titled EP. My favorite song to play with my band is “Behind Green Eyes” because it has the most energy and has a lot of room to have fun. I always strive to become a better drummer because there is always room for improvement, no matter what. Plus I always love to meet new drummers and share little ins and outs with them. It’s all one fun learning experience. Advertisement

Our main goals in Galvanized Souls are to put on the best show we can, be heard, and inspire others. Thank you for reading!


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