December 2013 Issue of <em>Modern Drummer</em> Featuring George “Spanky” McCurdy

(on newsstands November 5, 2013)

On the Cover

George “Spanky” McCurdy

“I’m always aware of what the fans need and what the artist is trying to do. If I’m coming in, it’s time to go higher, time to upgrade.” Lady Gaga’s drummer doesn’t mince words—but why be shy when you’ve so clearly got the goods?

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December 2013 Issue of Modern Drummer Magazine Featuring George "Spanky" McCurdy



• Volto!’s Danny Carey
• Sveti’s Marko Djordjevic

2014 MD Readers Poll It’s the only drummer poll that counts—own it.

Shop Talk – Year-End Maintenance
A step-by-step guide to returning rusted, road-worn drums back to new.

Get the Bests Featuring the Police, Blondie, and Missing Persons

Rich Redmond on Stewart Copeland The Police drummer has had an in uence on an enormous variety of players. Jason Aldean’s slammer reveals a country connection.

Portraits Tammy Glover
The Sparks/Thorcraft Cobra drummer turns the old line “Don’t give up your day job” on its ear, balancing a corporate career with life in the fast lane.

Victor Indrizzo Major producers value his studio-guy head and band-guy heart. And that rare combo has helped Willie Nelson, Avril Lavigne, Rob Thomas, Shakira, Colbie Caillat, and scores of others make some of their best music.

First Person “You’re really good…for a girl.” Oh, the number of times a female drummer has suffered in silence—or not so quietly—through that kind of comment. DW’s Juels Thomas thinks it’s time we challenged ourselves to get past simpleminded gender thinking. Advertisement

Up & Coming Juan “Carlito” Mendoza
The second time’s the charm for the 2012 Drum-O winner.

What Do You Know About…? Karen Carpenter
Maybe you were aware that the iconic soft-rock singer was also a drummer. But did you know just how good she was?


Strictly Technique –
Chops Builders Hemiolas, Part 3

In the Pocket
Funk Drumming Training Camp Part 6: Changing Subdivisions

Rock ’n’ Jazz Clinic
Bembe-Inspired Half-Time Shuffles 10 Ways to Add an Afro-Cuban Inflection

Rock Perspectives
Double Bass Workout Part 5: Paradiddle-Based Hand Patterns

Jazz Drummer’s Workshop
Stick Control Revisited Part 3: 5/4 Variations

• Gretsch Renown RN1 Drumset
• DW Collector’s Series Concrete and Thin Aluminum Snares
• Gaai Charcoal Walnut Drumset
• Remo White Suede Emperor Drumheads
• Snareweight Magnetic Brass Dampener
• Billdidit Coady Cymbal Topper and xChanger

Electronic Review
Roland BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad

Animals as Leaders’ Matt Garstka

New and Notable


For Every Digital, an Analog by Adam Budofsky

Readers’ Platform

Ask a Pro Simon Phillips, Tony Williams

It’s Questionable
Technology Corner: Homemade Room Treatments

Showcase Featuring Drum Market


Inside Methods Swiss Chris

In Memoriam Alan Myers

Kit of the Month Makes Your Heads Spin

and more!