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Zach Danziger and Owen Biddle TEDx Performance


Drummer Zach Danziger and bassist Owen Biddle of the group Mister Barrington recently conducted a unique performance for the TEDx series at UMass Amherst. By pre-recording their speech, Biddle and Danziger set out to challenge assumptions about live electronic music. As opposed to the currently popular approach of musicians playing along to pre-recorded tracks, the duo improvises a series of pieces enabled by elaborate MIDI architecture, which allows for free-form melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic composition. No click or backing tracks were utilized in this performance. The presentation culminates with the Biddle and Danziger triggering rapid-fire video clips in real time using note data generated by the bass and drums to create a living multimedia experience. For drummers, the payoff for performances like this goes beyond the impressive technological aspects, as Danziger, one of the most accomplished and creative drummers of the modern era, is a master of beat placement, challenging assumptions not just about technology, but about groove and sound.