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Metal Drumming Concepts: Vital Beats, Exercises, Fills, Tips & Techniques by Andols Herrick



Metal Drumming Concepts


Andols Herrick, who spent many years behind the kit for the metal band Chimaira, covers the ground that drummers who play heavy music must tread, including double bass creativity and developing blast beats. Along with the accompanying DVD, patterns are created step by step (“Building the Beat”) until you have your work cut out for you in the closing section of each chapter (“Putting It All Together”). Herrick also expounds on his personal philosophies, including the differences between practicing and rehearsing and executing hand exercises inspired by fitness-world methods like interval training, which alternates periods of work and rest. Chimaira’s song “Pictures in the Gold Room” is broken down in the Time Signature Manipulation section, and a couple of chapters focus on unique fills using cymbal and hi-hat choking. The book also features alternate examples not found on the DVD. (Hal Leonard)

Ilya Stemkovsky


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