Popular Play-Alongs, Part 5: Rap-Rock

Donny Gruendler

March 2013

Jobbing Drummer

Popular Play-Alongs

Part: 5: Rap-Metal

by Donny Gruendler

In this series of articles we’ve focused on developing the proper performance technique, groove vocabulary, and sound to play a wide variety of tunes. In this final installment, we’ll be combining two types of grooves in a rap-metal tune titled “Lincoln Park West.”

Many of the biggest rock acts have fused the aggressive elements of hip-hop and heavy metal into one cohesive sound. This style often incorporates syncopated beats and rhythmic elements into a guitar-heavy alternative rock/metal setting. The new genre was brought to the mainstream by bands like Korn, Limp Bizkit, and Linkin Park.

Within this play-along, you’ll find a few different grooves and textures. The A section features a light and consistent two-handed 16th-note hi-hat pattern alongside a staccato and syncopated bass drum and a strong backbeat. Advertisement

The groove in the B section features a wide-open, sloshy 8th-note hi-hat alongside the same bass drum and snare sounds as in section A.

Here’s a demo mix of the complete tune with drums.

[audio:|titles= demo mix of the complete tune with drums] Download

Here’s a mix minus drums for you to play along with (EJ: LINK TO DOWNLOAD).

[audio:|titles= mix minus drums] Download

Here’s the drum chart to the tune “Hella Drums.” (Click link below to open images)

 Download PDF

Be sure to check out the complete article in the March issue of Modern Drummer for additional tips on how to play this tune.