Kamelot <em>Silverthorn</em>

Online review Kamelot. Silverthorn





Silverthorn marks the tenth studio album—and first with new singer Tommy Karevik—for symphonic metal band Kamelot. Always a group to blend everything from progressive metal to doom/gothic and classical elements, on this release the band tells the story of a nineteenth-century girl named Jolee who dies in an accident and the surrounding reactions to said tragedy. The layered melodies and soaring vocals are always the focal points in the music, and drummer Casey Grillo never loses sight of that as he carves out a supporting niche with his grooves. The lead single, “Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife),” opens with blistering double bass and driving snare, and features a well-tensioned bridge vamp over four-on-the-floor kicks. More impressive is Grillo’s knowledge of when to play subtly (the ghosted snare on “My Confession”) or not at all (“Song for Jolee”) to provide the strongest contrast. (SPV)

Billy Brennan