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Mapex B1000 Boom Stand and S1000 Snare Stand

Mapex-B1000 Modern DrummerThe B1000 boom stand features a new tilter/lock system that allows cymbals to be positioned easily. Boom-arm positioning and adjustments are simplified by using a single wing nut, and the arm can be secured in place by the use of a memory lock. The cymbal stem has also been made longer for accessory attachment, and all B1000 stands feature a quick-release OS Accentuator in lieu of a wing nut.

Mapex-S1000 Modern DrummerThe S1000 snare stand basket maintains a true center of gravity for better balance and stability and features an omni-ball adjuster that can be manipulated with a quick-adjust handle. The feet have adjustable spikes that can be engaged easily for a firmer grip on the floor.