Giann Rubio of Daybreak Embrace

Drummer Giann Rubio of Daybreak Embrace

Hey, MD readers! This is Sonor endorser Giann Rubio of Daybreak Embrace. I’m a touring drummer from the South Florida area who’s seen a lot, experienced the road (currently writing this at a laundry mat in New Orleans), has had plenty of shortcomings and successes as well, and would love to share some lessons I’ve learned with you.

Let’s begin with the old saying, “Sometimes it takes a little crazy to do amazing things.” This saying has always stuck with me because it’s showed true in so many facets of my musical journey. Fifteen years ago, when I decided to pick up the drumsticks, I never dreamed that it would take me so many places.

First and foremost, music always comes first, and then drums. As a studio musician working with artists such as Left Brain, Aghora, Cyberdyne, and Lifestrung, the first step is playing with the song and not over it. Always try a musical approach when writing your compositions before any chops/fills. When you’ve got that part down, now you can add the “highlights” to the song. Advertisement

As a studio drummer, the next step you learn is networking. Make friends with anyone and everyone you can. You meet some amazing people that not only become lifelong friends, but can become vital contacts down the line.

Once you’ve got all that into play, now you need some guts. Whether it’s studio work, touring, or playing around town, make sure to put 110% in everything that you do. You only get what you put in.

There will be a point after these steps that going on tour is the only logical step forward, and now all the crucial lessons you’ve learned along the way will be put to use.

In short, never be afraid of chasing your dreams because if you don’t chase them you’ll never catch ’em.

Thanks for reading, my fellow drummers, and remember to practice, practice, practice!


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