Mark Heaney’s Live-in-the-Studio Sonic Reform Performance

Sonic Reform, featuring drummer Mark Heaney (Gang of Four), guitarist Hugh Turner, and bassist Jerry Soffe, recently recorded their debut album, Unseen Forces, live during two days this past March. The video presented here shows the trio performing the track “Invisible Realm,” the first track on the album. This performance was filmed live at a rehearsal session the group did preceding some live shows. Says Mark, “This track is a real groover, so when performing it, it’s all about creating a real solid, cool feel and locking in with the loop.

“With most of our tracks from the album,” Heaney continues, “we use loops and samples to give our sound a unique vibe. I play to the loops live, so it’s important to feel totally comfortable with them and make sure everything sits right and feels good. Playing to loops and clicks is something I’ve done a lot of throughout my career, so I’m very confident when using them. I’ve found that using loops live, in the studio, or in a practice situation can really open up some great creative possibilities and help you develop your time and feel.”

Mark goes on to say that the drum loops he creates come mostly from an 808 drum machine or from his own drum performances that he edits and adds effects to. “I do play a lot of busy fills and solos throughout the Sonic Reform set,” Mark explains, “but again, it’s all about locking in and also playing off the loops, which is a lot of fun. With all the Sonic Reform material, including the improvisations we perform live, it’s all about conveying the emotion, energy, and excitement to the audience. That’s the most important aspect.” Advertisement


For more on Sonic Reform, go to  or to their Facebook page.  And check out their performance of “The Skies Opened,” from the same session that produced “Invisible Realm,” here.