Brady 8×14 Wandoo Block Snare

Brady 8x14 Wandoo Block Snare

8×14 Wandoo Block Snare

by Michael Dawson

This 8×14 beast from the legendary drum builder Brady is made from vertical pieces of 1/2″-thick eucalyptus wandoo, which is an extremely dense wood found in the southwestern region of Western Australia. Brady has been making drums from the semi-rare timber for years, as it provides the super-present, cutting, and chunky sound that’s part of the company’s hallmark. This drum features ten chrome-over-brass tube lugs, triple-flange steel hoops, a Trick GS007 throw-off, twenty-strand steel snare wires, insulated leather/steel/leather tension-rod washers, and a Remo Coated CS black dot batter. The beautiful drummer boy badge is made from pewter and is a great complement to the drum’s streamlined, natural look.

Click below to listen to the Brady 8×14 Wandoo Block Snare .


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