Dunnett Classic Drums: Titanium Drumset

Dunnett Classic Drums: Titanium Drumset

Dunnett Classic Drums

Titanium Drumset

by John Emrich

Ronn Dunnett is famous for making some of the best metal drum shells in the business, and he was the first to offer titanium drumsets. For review this month, we received one of these signature sets, which included two bass drums, five toms, and two snares. These exact drums were sampled for a BFD2 expansion pack, called Dunnett Ti.

Lightweight and Sleek

Titanium is a super-lightweight metal, so these drums aren’t heavy. In fact, they’re about the same weight as—if not lighter than—most wood-shell drums in the same sizes. Dunnett has developed his own tube-lug design, variable air vent, and minted-coin badge, all of which make these drums look sleek and elegant.

The toms and snares include 2.3 mm triple-flange hoops. The shells aren’t lacquered, so fingerprints do show fairly easily, and it will take a little effort and care to keep the drums clean. I went so far as to wear gloves when setting them up, just to keep them looking pristine. For players who like their drums to show some age and character, titanium can develop a patina, so the shells will take on a unique look over time. Advertisement

The bass drum hoops are maple and are finished in a great-looking deep black lacquer. The shells themselves are very thin.

Click here to listen to the Dunnett Ti drumset.



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