Carlos Rueda of Thick as Blood

Carlos Rueda of Thick as Blood drummer blog

Hey guys! My name is Carlos Rueda. I’m twenty-one years old and I play drums for Thick as Blood, from Miami, Florida. We’re currently doing a full U.S. and Canada tour with Lionheart and Dead Icons. We released our third full-length album, Living Proof, through Rise Records on July 10, so make sure you pick it up at your local Hot Topic, FYE, or Best Buy, on iTunes, or from us at the remaining shows of the Lifer tour. As soon as we get home from the tour we’ll be filming a music video for the song “The Outsiders.”

I started out playing guitar for bands while in middle school and high school and slowly made the transition to drums because it was my favorite instrument. Over the years I’ve played for several bands, including a pop punk band called Some Like It Hot, and another metal band from my home state of Maryland called An Obscure Signal.

While I played for those bands I got to meet a lot of people that not only influenced me as a musician, but also on the business side. A lot of the things I know about the music industry I owe to the members of Periphery, especially Misha and Jake, and of course Matt Halpern is a huge influence of mine as a drummer. Other influences of mine are Thomas Lang, Branden Morgan of Misery Signals, Travis Orbin, and Tony Royster Jr. Advertisement

I want to give a shout-out to my friends in Maryland who have supported me with everything I do, as well as to my family, because without them there is absolutely no way I could do this. Also thanks to Tyler Greene from 24×20 and Mike Raffiqi from Apex for all the support.

Lastly, come talk to us at the shows! I’d love to meet everyone who has an interest in anything that I’m involved in. If you have any questions for me or just want to follow me while on the road, you can find me on Facebook and Instagram under the username SxFStrummer. Thanks for reading!