Tama Starclassic Select Walnut Drumset


Starclassic Select Walnut Drumset

by David Ciauro

As I was setting up these absolutely stunning Starclassic Select drums, I couldn’t help but be taken aback by their beauty. The deep-brown, satin-finish walnut shells have such a rich quality, which is elevated—in killer fashion—by the black-nickel hardware. The drumset is exotic, enigmatic, and elegant. These drums simply don’t give off the vibe of being bright and lighthearted; they’re dark, brooding characters that ooze coolness and have that kick-ass-and-take-names persona.

Starclassic Select walnut shells are 6-ply and 5 mm for the snare and toms, while the kick is 7-ply and 6 mm. The kit can be purchased as a shell pack or with the matching snare. The four-piece shell pack in this review (WN42ZBNS) lists for $4,615.37 without the snare.

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