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Hello, MD readers! My name is Pat Gerasia, and I play drums in the band Fusebox Poet from Charlotte, North Carolina. I’m very thankful to have this opportunity to tell you about my band and what makes me a unique drummer worthy of a Modern Drummer spotlight!

Fusebox Poet strives to take the conventional “radio rock” sound to the next level, especially when it comes to groove. I guess you could say our sound is a mix of Earth, Wind and Fire and Shinedown. Our music grooves like a ’70s funk band and has the huge sound and energy of an arena-rock band! To top it all off, we add some interesting keyboard textures, everything from classic-rock organ tones to distorted/delayed piano sounds that give our music a futuristic twist. We all come from very different musical backgrounds, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When it comes to drums and cymbals, the bigger the better for me! I endorse C&C Custom Drums out of Gladstone, Missouri, and I couldn’t be happier with the look and sound of my kit. The guys at C&C build the classiest drums on the market, and all their kits have an awesome vintage vibe. I use a 16×24 kick, a 9×13 tom, a 16×16 floor tom, and a massive 8×14 snare. I also recently started using a 6 1/2×14 Mapex Black Panther, tuned super tight, as a left-side snare. As for cymbals, you can find me bashing away on Zildjians, including a 24″ K Light ride, a 22″ K Dark Medium ride, a 20″ A Custom Rezo Crash, a 20″ Earth ride, and a pair of 15″ K Light hi-hats. This setup gives me a wide palette of sounds and textures and allows for plenty of contrast from cymbal to cymbal. Advertisement

The turning point of my drumming career came after studying percussion with Dr. B. Michael Williams and Adam Snow at Winthrop University. Their instruction completely opened my eyes to another world of drumming and introduced me to a wealth of unique percussion instruments and styles that I didn’t know existed. The years I spent studying with these two amazing musicians have armed me with a variety of creative weapons that I’m very grateful for being given.

Here’s my advice to drummers everywhere: Be a drumset player and a percussionist. Learn to play djembe, pandeiro, timpani, marimba, or any instrument you can get your hands on. These instruments will sneak their way into your drumset playing and help you create a unique voice behind the kit. Don’t just be a drummer, be a musician. Learn to play tastefully before you learn to play fast!

Before I go, I’d like to thank Modern Drummer for allowing me to contribute to this site. I’m honored to be included on a blog alongside many of my favorite drummers.

Fusebox Poet will be touring the Northeast region of the U.S. in July. Keep an eye on us!


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