Corey Pierce of God Forbid

Corey Pierce of God Forbid drummer blogHello, this is Corey Pierce from God Forbid, here to once again be given the amazing opportunity of being represented on I’ve enjoyed many years of performing, with six studio albums and over a decade of touring; Modern Drummer is still here for guys like me. I’ve been playing drums for twenty-three years now and I’ve been touring with my band God Forbid for twelve years.

I started playing drums early in school and had the benefit of being around a lot of great drummers who taught me a great deal, including styles ranging from classical percussion to jazz to marching band, as well as rock studies. I later joined a couple of different drum corps, which furthered my knowledge of reading and rudimentary studies. It also opened my eyes to an extremely large world of different music and the value of having eclectic tastes.

We recently finished a U.S. tour with Overkill, supporting our latest release, Equilibrium. Touring with Overkill was a fantastic experience, since some of the other members of God Forbid and I grew up listening to this amazing band. They’re from New Jersey, just like us, so we get along great. And they’re an inspiration to New Jersey bands that are looking to break out and tour. Our next tour will be Trespass with Five Finger Death Punch, Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Emmure, and Battlecross, which will be a huge arena tour in support of Equilibrium. This is probably the best tour we could’ve been offered, considering the content of our latest release. It’s like a grab bag of heavy, melodic, catchy, and thrashy songs, which we’re confident everyone out there is going to love! Advertisement

My bandmates and I spent two years in pre-production on this album, and I think it totally shows. The album itself is about reaching a state of assurance within yourself and realizing that as people (and especially drummers) we’re capable of many things. The great thing about being a drummer, in fact, is that by nature we’re multitaskers and playful at heart.

It’s in that true drummers spirit that I got together with a couple friends and started the Real Jersey Guys podcast. The three of us (“Psycho” Sal Pace, Will “Original” Black, and me) were tired of seeing all the fake “Jersey” shows. So we decided to get together and give people something to listen to from a Real Jersey Guy’s perspective. You can check that out at and on This is going to be awesome for the upcoming Trespass America Festival tour, because I’ll be doing interviews and sound bytes from all the bands on that tour for everyone out there to listen too.

This summer is going to be an amazing journey both as a drummer and as a fan of the bands that we will be touring with. Please go out and check out those Trespass America Festival tour dates, and come see us after you pick up Equilibrium, out on Victory records. I’d also like to say thanks to all the God Forbid fans out there and all the fans of Modern Drummer. I wish every drummer out there the best success on their rhythmic journey. Advertisement