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TRX Dark Icons and Removable Cymbal Modifiers

Available in a limited range of sizes and types, Dark Icon cymbals have a heavily hammered, natural playing surface with a lathed, brilliant-finish underside. All of the models are extra thin and have a deep, dark tone and fast response. Each cymbal includes a series of small holes for installing rivets, jingles, and other sound modifiers and effects. Dark Icons are available as 16″–23″ crash/rides and 13″–15″ hi-hats.
Threaded, double-locking TRX sound modifiers are available in a choice of brass, natural aluminum, or black aluminum and are designed to provide a quick, easy way to customize cymbal sounds. Nickel, steel, and brass jingles are also available. Each nine-piece sound modifier package lists for $19.95.

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