The July 2012 Issue of Modern Drummer magazine featuing Periphery’s Matt Halpern!

(available on newsstands June 5, 2012)

Periphery’s Matt Halpern

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July 2012 Issue of Modern Drummer Magazine

2012 Readers Poll Results 
Ray Lucas
Influences: Stephen Perkins


  • The Meters’ Zigaboo Modeliste
  • Pop-Star Drummer  Gotye
  • The Mars Volta’s Deantoni Parks

Mike Johnston of

Red Fang’s John Sherman

What Do You Know About…?
Dire Straits’ Pick Withers

Firsrt Person: Parenting Perspectives
Appreciating the Sacrifices of My Father by David Ciauro


  • Concepts—The CRASH Course to Success – Part 3: Attitude
  • Strictly Technique—Polyrythmic Coordination – Part 1:One- and Two-Note Base Rythems
  • The Jobbing Drummer— Popular Play-Alongs – Part 1: Timber Grooves
  • Rock ‘N’ Jazz Clinic— Metrically Modulated Drum ‘n’ Bass – Using Triplets to Imply Faster Tempos
  • Jazz Drummer’s Workshop—Swingin’ the Clave – Advanced Exercises for Developing Independence

Ask A Pro
Gregg’s Big Dozen
Ask a Friend
Back Through the Stack with Brad Wilk

It’s Questionable
Tom Mics
Mind Matters: A 25-Hour Day?

In Memoriam: Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, Tom Ardolino
Cornell Dupree Memorial Concert

Product Close Up

  • Gretsch Brooklyn Series Drumset and Snares
  • TRX NRG Series
  • Groove Juice Stick Grip
  • DW 5002 AD4 Double Bass Drum Pedal and 9000 Series Airlift Hardware

Electronic Review
MXL Drum-Miking Kits

Gearing Up
Prince’s John Blackwell

Collector’s Corner
Leedy Orchestra Snare