Tim “Yogi??? Watts of Demon Hunter

Drummer Tim “Yogi” Watts of Demon HunterHi, everyone. I’m Tim “Yogi” Watts, drummer for the metal band Demon Hunter. I’ve been reading Modern Drummer since I was a kid, and I am so honored to get the chance to share a little bit about myself with all of you.

I’ve been drumming for what seems like my entire life. I guess I started when I was about six. My father was a drummer, and he was really the reason I started playing because he was/is my hero. I admired and looked up to him so much.

I’ve never had any formal teaching. I wasn’t in marching band or anything like that. My learning process and development as a drummer has really come from listening to and watching other drummers. I’ve been touring full-time since I was eighteen, and I’ve traveled the world extensively playing with various artists. I’ve had the opportunity to see so many fantastic drummers and have learned so much from so many. Advertisement

Through my various projects live and in the studio I think the most important thing I’ve learned is that, as a drummer, I want to serve the song. I want to create parts that emphasize the songwriting and the arrangements and make those sections stand out more. I’m not really concerned with being showy or impressively busy. I would rather have someone not even notice me as much as really feel the flow of the section and how well my part fits within the song structure. I really try to be a musician and a songwriter as well as a drummer. I want to approach metal drumming from a different perspective. I’m not just worrying about how fast I can do 32nds or how busy my fills can get. My concern is more about, “Does this part make the section of the song better”? Because if it doesn’t, I don’t want it there.

I’m really excited about the companies that I represent. Crush Drums is a new company that makes the best drums I’ve ever played. They pay so much attention to all of the details and take pride in not cutting corners. And they’re amazing dudes who I love very much. The same can be said for Meinl cymbals and Vic Firth sticks. Both of these companies have been important in my development as a touring musician and have been so supportive of me and the band.

I’m also excited for you guys to check out our new record, True Defiance. I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished with this record, and I hope you guys will check it out and come see me on tour this summer! Advertisement


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