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Provenance Cast-Aluminum Snare

Provenance Cast-Aluminum Snare


Cast-Aluminum Snare

by Michael Dawson

The U.K.-based Provenance Drums makes one-of-a-kind instruments out of recycled top-grade aluminum culled from discarded high-performance machines, like the engine of a Jaguar sports car, a NASA rocket, or, in the case of this snare, the wheel of a retired F-4 Phantom fighter jet.

The drum’s 5 1/2×14 sand-cast aluminum shell is lathed on the outside to ensure that it’s perfectly round, but the inner wall is left rough to break up the sound reflections a bit, which is said to produce a drier tone. To further mellow out the lively, bell-like sound of the cast-aluminum body, Provenance employs classic rounded bearing edges, plus flat snare beds for supreme sensitivity.

The shell is outfitted with ten tube lugs, a Dunnett R-Class throw-off, PureSound sixteen-strand snare wires, triple-flange steel hoops, and Aquarian drumheads (Texture Coated batter and Classic Clear bottom).

The complete review is in the May 2012 issue of Modern Drummer magazine.

Have a listen:



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