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Jeremy Hummel

Modern Drummer Education Team Member Jeremy Hummel
Modern Drummer Education Team Member Jeremy Hummel

[MDEdTop]Jeremy Hummel works regularly with EVE, a guitar/bass/drums trio that plays jazz standards, contemporary jazz, and fusion, and he is musical director for Into the Spin, an eight-piece horn band that specializes in R&B, funk, and soul music. Hummel is a co-founding member of platinum-selling rock band Breaking Benjamin, and he played on the band’s first two records, Saturate and We are not Alone. Hummel teaches at his home studio and at Dale’s Drum Shop in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He was a featured clinician at PASIC 2010. Jeremy’s Concepts articles for Modern Drummer focus on practical concepts for the working musician. For more info, visit jeremyhummel.com.

Here is one of Hummel’s articles, “Playing Moods: Thoughts on Drumming From the Soul.”

“Playing Moods, Thoughts On Drumming From The Soul”—August ’11

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