<i>Gospel and R&B Drumming</i><br>Hosted by Jeff Davis



Gospel And R and B Drumming


Narrator/host Jeff Davis is a gospel/R&B great who knows that a lot of very dynamic, funky drummers started playing in church. His comments throughout the main part of this DVD, and in the bonus scenes, are a highlight. Since the video clips used are all from different previously released projects, though, there’s a disjointed feel to it, and the connections between gospel and R&B aren’t explored as deeply as they might have been. But it is an impressive highlight reel, and not uninformative. Among the cool bits: Aaron Spears’ amazing chops and emotional feel, Gerald Heyward’s command of the modern gospel language, and Adam Deitch demonstrating the difference between a J Dilla groove and a DJ Premier beat. And Thomas Pridgen—he’s simply a life force. (Hudson) Robin Tolleson