The Making of New American Gospelby Chris Adler

The Making of New American Gospel
by Chris Adler

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Much like his DIY approach to playing drums and building a career with his band Lamb of God, award-winning drummer Chris Adler is carving his own path as author, publisher, and transcriber (with the help of up-and-coming metal drummer Travis Orbin) with his first book, The Making of New American Gospel. The book contains detailed drum charts for each tune from LOG’s debut album, plus introductory essays from Adler that cover everything from the band’s beginnings to the writing process for New American Gospel to the challenges of having to record, mix, and master an entire record in just seven days. Adler’s tone is friendly, open, and honest, making for a revealing glimpse at the inner workings of one of metal’s most powerful and sometimes most tumultuous bands. (Adler Publishing) Michael Dawson