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Song Charting Made Easy by Jim Riley



Although this book/CD package by Rascal Flatts drummer and MD contributor Jim Riley centers on describing the unique number-based nomenclature used in Nashville studios to map out songs, the underlying musical content that’s discussed and demonstrated in each chapter goes far deeper than simply explaining a way to keep your place while playing an unfamiliar tune. At its core, Song Charting Made Easy is an easy-to-follow, progressive music harmony workbook designed to train readers (drummers and non-drummers alike) to hear and identify the most common chord progressions in contemporary pop and rock styles, starting with the most basic major chords (1, 4, 5) and then gradually adding more complex elements (such as minor chords, inversions, accidentals, and key changes). Also covered are a variety of shorthand symbols used to indicate rhythmic hits, like offbeat accents, whole notes, and stops. The CD contains ninety-two professionally produced MP3 demos and full-band play-along tracks, including versions without drums, guitar, keyboards, and bass. This is an essential study for all drummers looking to develop a deeper understanding of popular song structure. (Hal Leonard) Michael Dawson



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