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Rhythmic Designs by Gavin Harrison & Terry Branam

Rhythmic Designs Book bookBOOK/DVD

Here rhythmic illusionist and musical mathematician Harrison reveals innovative concepts and melodic drumset creations from his highly acclaimed albums with the progressive artist 05ric, Drop, and Circles. The package is very well thought out. Harrison meticulously explains, dissects, and performs examples from each track on the double-sided DVD, while the book helps you follow and learn the written notation of each complete drum track, painstakingly transcribed from the original CDs by MD contributor Terry Branam. Harrison is articulate and entertaining as he recounts the construction of his advanced odd-meter and oddly grouped groove patterns. There are also MP3 play-alongs on the DVD. This is an affordable, educational journey into heavy concepts from the creative mind of a modern-day rhythmic genius. (Hudson Limited) Mike Haid




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