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Open-Handed Playing, Part 2: Asymmetrical Accents and the Control Stroke

November 2011

Claus Hessler : Modern Drummer

Rock ‘N’ Jazz Clinic

Open-Handed Playing

Part 2: Asymmetrical Accents and the Control Stroke

by Claus Hessler

One of the biggest advantages to playing open-handed is that you no longer have to deal with the obstructed movement of crossing your hands to play the hi-hat and snare. Part one of my article series on open-handed playing covers basic exercises to help unlock your coordination. Part two discusses ways to add accents on the snare that don’t line up with the hi-hat. I also included different hi-hat variations to explore.

Once you’ve mastered the examples from the article, try the following advanced exercises, which are based on five-note groupings. Enjoy!

Open-Handed Playing, Part 2: Advanced Exercises

Check out the complete article in the November 2011 issue for exercises and additional insight.


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