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Carl Palmer Drum Solos



Carl Palmer : Drum Solos : DVD

Progressive rock drumming pioneer Carl Palmer helped define the genre’s first era with Emerson, Lake & Palmer, combining rock and classical influences within a hugely exciting drumming style that required speed, finesse, and creativity. Palmer’s audaciousness had people calling him “the Buddy Rich of prog rock,” and in fact his extravagant solos revealed just how influential Buddy’s chops were on him. Palmer saw continued success in the ’80s prog-pop supergroup Asia, and still dazzles today with his fluent and flashy rudimental-based technique. This DVD features Palmer’s classic “Karn Evil 9” solo, from Emerson Lake & Palmer’s 1974 California Jam performance, as well as live solos culled from Asia concerts, including “The Heart Goes On” (2008 ) and the ELP staple “Fanfare For The Common Man” (2009). Each solo is featured at 100%, 75%, and 50% speeds, using MIDI drum sounds to replicate the original drum tracks on the slower-tempo clips. Also included are helpful PDF transcriptions and MP3 files of each solo. If you’ve ever wanted to dissect the lightning licks of Carl Palmer, now’s your chance. (www.carlpalmer.com)  Mike Haid


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