New Vic Firth Sticks

Vic Firth Peter Erskine Sticks : Modern Drummer MagazineVic Firth Russ Miller Hi-Def And Peter Erskine Big Band Signatures, American Classic 5A Dual-Tones, And 5B Chop-Out Practice Sticks

The new Russ Miller Hi-Def signature stick is made with a thin .535″ hickory shaft and a special half-acorn wood tip for cymbal clarity. Its unique oval logo at the nodal point allows for perfect rimclick tones. List price: $16.

Peter Erskine’s Big Band signature stick is made of hickory and combines the shaft dimensions of a 5A and 5B. A long taper increases rebound while maintaining a full-bodied sound, and a teardrop tip provides excellent cymbal definition. List price: $16.

The 5A Dual-Tone features a 5A wood tip and a synthetic felt mallet head attached to the butt end. The entire stick is made from a single piece of hickory, which eliminates a core that could come loose over time. Advertisement

The 5B Chop-Out features a hickory shaft with an elongated taper, to simulate the balance of the 5B, plus rubber tips for practicing on any hard surface. List price: $17.