Adventures Of Power’s Ari Gold

Adventures Of Power’s Ari GoldGo ahead, say it: “My name is ___ ____, and I am an air-drummer!” You know it’s true. Even Neil Peart pounded magazines on his bed long before he ever had a drumset.

As for me, my name is Ari Gold—yes, real name—and at long last, my air-drum comedy Adventures Of Power is coming to DVD. It’s been a wild ride since I started performing as Power in comedy clubs, before he came to life on screen; I traveled around the world as Power, air-drummed to Van Halen for 5,000 people in Finland, judged real drummers at Guitar Center, and did stunt-videos with Neil Peart, Terry Bozzio, Todd Sucherman, and more. (You can see them on my YouTube page below.) And Michael McKean (aka David St. Hubbins, lead singer of Spinal Tap) plays my dad!  An air-drummer’s dream! A drummer’s nightmare!

Or is it? What about the kids who are told that playing music is out of reach? To celebrate the release and help a great cause, I’ve been putting together a treasure-chest of signed drums (from Ringo Starr, Neil Peart, Lars Ulrich, Marky Ramone, the bands Weezer, Judas Priest, Ween, Dresden Dolls, and many more) for our non-profit auction with to support music education for kids. I know from what I got and didn’t get in childhood that music education can change lives. It’s been proven that playing drums actually helps kids strengthen the neural pathways that make them good at mathematics! Please join my list at for first crack (flam?) at the auction, launching on January 27. Neil Peart and I did a long talk together at Drum Channel about the power of music to change lives; that interview will be on the Power DVD in its entirety and I’ll be putting up stunt videos on my YouTube channel every couple days, just in case you wanted to not get any real work done.

You can pre-order the DVD on ( It’s got a full hour of awesome bonus tracks! It’s “one of the funniest films in recent years,” according to New York magazine, and Neil Peart called it “the best rock movie in many a year!” After all, it’s about the beat of the human heart. Advertisement

And to thank you for getting the movie, you can download the entire original soundtrack, by my brother Ethan Gold, for free here. I’ll have to trust you:

Have a wonderful 2011, Modern (air) Drummers! And start your procrastination here!

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