Brian St. Clair of Local H Modern Drummer Drummer Blog
Photo by Wade Hawk

Hello, MD readers! I’ve been rocking my newest Ludwig kit (Champagne sparkle, 24/14/16/18, with matching wood snare). We’ve been in the space working on new ideas for a new album. Hope to have it out in spring or early summer 2011. My Zildjian cymbals (15″ HH, 20″ medium ride, 21″ Rock ride, and two 22″ medium rides) are doing me just fine. I would never think of playing anything else. After fifteen years of playing with my sticks butt-end forward, I recently I started playing them the normal way. Some of our fans have noticed and mentioned it—sure saves on the snare head! I change out my Aquarian heads every other show.

Local H toured through the summer of 2010 in support of the release of our first DVD, 68 Angry Minutes. It was pretty awesome…three legs here and there. Kinch (from Phoenix) opened and were very cool. Love the fish tacos at San Diego’s Los Panchitos. I broke down and finally bought a GPS. I am lost no more—until I break it.

We released a covers EP on October 19 called Local H’s Awesome Mix Tape #1, just for the hell of it. (It’s available now at the link below.) We didn’t do any Abba songs, but it has “Wolf Like Me” (TV On The Radio), “Joey” (Concrete Blonde), “Puss” (the Jesus Lizard), “Spiderbite” (Winnebago Deal), “Blood Stains” (Agent Orange), “Time” (Pink Floyd), “For Lovers” (Wolfman), and “Last Caress” (Misfits).

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