Shawn Drover of Megadeth

Shawn Drover of Megadeth Modern Drummer Drummer BlogHello, out there in drumland, Shawn Drover from Megadeth reporting once again about this current featuring Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax. At this point, we now have only two shows left, and I must say that this tour has been a total blast for me! All the shows have been great, and the crowds are certainly getting more than enough metal for one evening. All in all, a great tour package. If you haven’t seen this show and are in close proximity for any of the remaining shows, come check it out!

Aside from the shows, we actually all went out bowling the other night in Louisville, Kentucky (yes, bowling IS metal), which was also sponsored by Jagermeister and the local radio station. Lots of fans turned up to witness us bowl like complete crap. (Speaking for myself—I certainly do NOT bowl very well.) It’s always fun to do things like this IMO, if for nothing else than just enjoying a day off and doing the hang. A great time was had by all, believe me.

To those of you who have witnessed these shows, I hope you had a great time. Be well,


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